Benton Adams

Senior Advisor


About Benton Adams

Senior Advisor

Graduating from The University of Colorado Boulder, Benton gained extensive knowledge in commercial real estate through coursework, clubs and networking events. Holding various internships throughout his college career including tech sales, roofing sales, and commercial real estate investments, he gained vast experience on different selling techniques and styles as well as Real Estate as an investment platform.

Benton is a highly motivated and thoughtful individual who diligently ensures every detail is correct. Joining Capstone Companies immediately after graduation, Benton is extremely excited to get started in the brokerage industry.

Being a third-generation Denverite, Benton has deep roots within the community and has witnessed firsthand the immense amount of growth within the multi-family segment of CRE. It is an exceptionally exciting time for Colorado, and he is humbled to be at the forefront of it.

In his free time, Benton enjoys coaching lacrosse, hiking, skiing, golfing and spending quality time with his friends and family.

Education: University of Colorado – Boulder | Leeds School of Business | B.S., Business Finance

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