Josh Greenwald



About Josh Greenwald


As a passionate professional with a diverse background, Josh brings a unique blend of experience and expertise to Capstone. 

Hailing from a small farm in Ohio, Josh cherishes the outdoors and enjoys exploring nature alongside his family. As a licensed skydiver and avid golfer, he embraces the thrill of adventure.

With over 10 years of sales and leadership experience, Josh has honed his skills in building relationships and achieving remarkable results. He has successfully navigated the real estate industry for 3+ years, specializing in multifamily, investment, and land sales, which has equipped him with a deep understanding of property valuation, asset underwriting, operations management, and investment advisory.

Beyond his professional endeavors, Josh takes immense pride in his family life. He has been happily married for 5 years and has a wonderful 2-year-old son named Ace.

By joining Capstone, Josh is excited to contribute his talents and drive to further enhance client relations and various initiatives.  

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