New Offering: 60-Unit New Construction Duplex Community in Oklahoma City, OK

Download Offering Materials: Chisholm Creek Duplexes

Capstone is pleased to present the Chisholm Creek Duplexes: a 60-unit build-for-rent duplex community currently under construction in Oklahoma City, Oklahoma. Following its completion in early 2023, the new development will allow new ownership to enjoy minimal maintenance and enable them to focus on lease-up and pushing rents. The build-for-rent asset type has proven to be an overachieving vehicle for investment by providing tenants with spacious floor plans, backyard amenities, and garages. Current ownership is charging below market lease-up rates, thereby allowing new management to increase performance and immediately increase EGI. Residents of the Chisholm Creek Duplexes will also enjoy superior amenities nearby, such as dozens of premier shopping, dining, and entertainment establishments. The Chisholm Creek Duplexes are anticipated to be sold upon completion in early 2023.

Investment Highlights
High Quality New Construction
Proven Concept in the market
Excellent Location

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