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Maja Cvjetković

Transaction Specialist

Transaction Specialist

Maja is a passionate finance and real estate professional whose background spans a variety of industries. From working at an investment firm specializing in technology startups to working her way into the real estate industry.

After receiving her BBA in Finance at Cleveland State University, she went on to acquire her real estate license in Nashville. As an avid and continual learner, she challenges herself with a goal to read 200 books a year.

Maja’s background in commercial real estate began at Vanderbilt University Medical Center. Specializing in helping manage a portfolio of over 250 leased, owned, ground leased, and subleased locations representing over 2.5 million rentable square footage has set her up for success to oversee various deals.

Born in Croatia, she moved to Nashville when she was five. She enjoys traveling, spending time with her two nephews, and continuing a role in her community as an affiliate broker.