Lauren Anderson

Sr. Investment Analyst

As an incredibly driven professional, I work hard to exceed expectations while always maintaining a supportive team spirit. I am a highly dependable individual, and I will always put significant time and effort into every task because client satisfaction is a top priority to me.

Born and raised in Northern California, I made the decision to move to Colorado to pursue my college degree and never looked back. After graduating with a degree in Business Finance and a Certificate in Real Estate, my interest in the Commercial Real Estate industry became a natural path to pursue. In such a detail-oriented and client-focused industry, I thrive with the constant challenge of managing all the moving parts of each deal while simultaneously building meaningful relationships with everybody involved. I believe bringing effective communication, adaptability, and enthusiasm into any situation is vital to any business strategy.

As I am just beginning my journey in the industry, I look forward to the constant opportunity, growth and relationships that this business will continue to provide me with.

Education: University of Colorado – Boulder | Leeds School of Business | B.S., Business Finance