Senior Advisor

Tony joined Capstone three years ago as a broker focusing on land deals in Colorado. His passion for real estate started when he was young with a love of architecture, cities, and city-building. In college at Ball State, Tony studied Finance while also involving himself in several immersive urban redevelopment courses. Upon graduation he worked for two years as an Economic and Redevelopment Consultant helping small cities in Indiana redevelop challenging properties, guide planning efforts, and helping to revitalize the local economy.

After moving to Colorado, Tony has spent some time in real estate investment consulting and as the head of economic development for the town of Bennett. His passion for urban development helps him see the potential of each land deal our team takes on. Every facet of the city building process has been an interest of his since childhood, and he has dreamed of being a part of the physical building of a community. Tony’s belief is that the physical construct of a city is the purest form of its cultural expression, and he has made it his mission to be a part of shaping this future.

Tony contributes to our Capstone office and his clients by being a skilled and knowledgeable real estate professional with a relentless passion for real estate development and investments. His creative and analytical mindset helps to spot inconsistencies in the market and devise unique solutions to take advantage of the opportunities. Tony feels fortunate to be able to build a career around one of his passions. His other personal interests include camping/bushcraft, travel, storm-chasing, sports, cooking, and music. If you ever visit our office, you may be lucky enough to hear Tony sing along to the words of Frank Sinatra or the lyrics of Afroman, maybe even at the same time.

Education: Ball State University | B.S., Finance