New Offering: Well-Maintained, 100% Occupied Asset | 24 Units in Conneaut, OH

Download Offering Materials: Fuller Apartments

Capstone Apartments Partners is pleased to present the Fuller Apartments—a 24-unit apartment community in Conneaut, OH. The property sits about a mile north of the main retail corridor of Conneaut but is less than a half mile from the beaches and parks on the shores of Lake Erie. The property has been extremely well maintained, and as such is comprised of mostly stable long-term residents. This is supported by the excellent location within Conneaut, being directly across the street from the Lakeshore Primary School, as well as excellent supply/demand dynamics within the submarket. Incoming investors can build on the solid base current ownership has provided and continue growing the cash flow of the asset to yield additional value.

Investment Highlights
Well Maintained 100% Occupied Asset
Excellent Proximity to Conneaut Retail Corridor
Supportive Multi-Family Fundamentals

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