New Offering: Value-Add Portfolio with Significant Upside in Louisville

Download Offering Materials: Louisville Value-Add Portfolio

Capstone Apartment Partners is pleased to present the Louisville Value-Add Portfolio: three properties  built between 1991 and 1996, totaling 360 units. The well-located properties have been professionally maintained, as current ownership developed the assets as long-term holders and routinely addressed deferred maintenance. Since the properties have been meticulously maintained, prospective owners can focus their efforts and capital on the value-add opportunity that the portfolio provides. Starlet Square, Hawthorne Place, and Lakeview Garden are poised to benefit from a two-prong value-add approach: the unit interiors are untouched and lag behind competitors as it relates to interior finishes and effective rents. Additionally, realigning the fee structure with the market will help capture additional income with water/sewer billback, washer and dryer rentals, and other fees.

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