New Offering: Value-Add Opportunity in Thriving Midtown Memphis | Ability to Increase Rent $250+

Download Offering Materials: Medical Center Portfolio Capstone Apartment Partners is pleased to present the Medical Center Portfolio: a 28-unit, garden-style portfolio in the burgeoning Midtown neighborhood of Memphis, Tennessee. The properties have been routinely maintained and upkept, presenting a captivating opportunity for new investors to focus on interior and cosmetic renovations. Medical Center Portfolio is conveniently located in the Midtown/Medical District, offering residents a 5 to 10-minute commute to approximately 90,000 jobs in the Downtown and Medical District employment centers. The incredible value-add opportunity this asset presents, coupled with strong submarket fundamentals and accessibility to all of Memphis’ most significant economic drivers, will provide incoming investors with the exciting opportunity to tremendously increase the cash flow and value of the asset.

Existing Value Propositions: Market-Supported Value-Add Initiative Located in the Red-Hot Midtown Submarket Value-Provider within the Submarket Unmatched Employment Proximity

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