New Offering: 185-Site Newly Developed MHC in Midland, TX | Strong Occupancy with Excellent Curb Appeal

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Capstone Manufactured Housing is pleased to present Stonegate MHC, a 185-site manufactured housing community located in Midland, Texas. Although Midland is well known for its major role in the oil industry, it is seeing an increase in economic development in other arenas. For example, the Spaceport Business Park is attracting respected companies in the aerospace industry, bringing a plethora of employment opportunities. Stonegate MHC, the only community located in the heart of the city, is 13 miles away from the Business Park. Due to the favorable location, Stonegate MHC offers its residents a quick and easy drive throughout the city. To further separate the community from the rest of the parks, Stonegate MHC offers the nicest neighborhood to the residents. All the homes, even the 16 park-owned homes, are in wonderful condition, and they are laid out in an organized manner. There are no visible gaps between homes, providing the sense of a true neighborhood.

The community is an attractive investment due to a host of operational efficiencies. Public utilities service the park, and the residents pay for their usage, through direct-billing or submetering. This is one less expense for an owner to be responsible for, and it helps increase cashflow. Since there are so few park-owned homes, all of which are 2014 or newer, the costly repairs and maintenance normally associated with inventory homes is kept at a minimum. Additionally, the community is 89% occupied, meaning a new owner has only 19 vacant sites to occupy, which is a manageable accomplishment.

This offering presents an enticing opportunity to invest in a stabilized community in Midland, Texas, with beautiful curb appeal and operational efficiencies.

Investment Highlights:
Superior Curb Appeal
Fantastic Location Amid Midland Economic Development
Operational Efficiencies
Midland Multi-Family Market

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