New Offering: 104-Unit Value-Add Opportunity Located off Major Retail Corridor | Nashville MSA

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Capstone Apartment Partners is pleased to present the Cobalt Drive Apartments, a coveted value-add opportunity located off a rapidly growing retail corridor—Wilma Rudolph Boulevard—in Clarksville, Tennessee. The 104-unit listing offers prospective owners the opportunity to immediately implement a market supported value-add program, which would yield rent premiums of over $200. Even with this increase, rents are still within the middle of the market. Additionally, Cobalt Drive Apartments would immediately benefit from having a sophisticated third-party manager to implement further income streams, align rents with the market through dynamic pricing software, and generate foot traffic through aggressive marketing.

Existing Value Propositions:

Multiple Market Supported Value-Add Initiatives
Minimal Deferred Maintenance
Exceptional Proximity to Retail & Amenities