North Carolina Tax & Reassessment Report

27 of the 100 counties in North Carolina are conducting property tax revaluations in 2023 as outlined below. This is noteworthy with the situation in Guilford County (Greensboro). Guilford County reassessed in 2022 and saw property values go up by an average of around 30%. Guilford County recently published their 2022-2023 property tax rate and voted to keep it the same as 2021.

By not offsetting these higher valuations with lower tax rates, property taxes will increase significantly county-wide. One of these counties being reassessed in 2023 is Mecklenburg County (Charlotte), the most populated county in North Carolina. Other major counties up for revaluations include the counties of Gaston (Charlotte MSA), Alamance (Triangle MSA), Brunswick (Wilmington MSA) and Henderson (Asheville MSA). Investors will be keeping a close eye to see if Guilford County is an indication of what will happen in other major counties in North Carolina.

NC Counties

* Tax rate reflects county-wide tax rate. Additional city millage may be included in total tax bill.

North Carolina Department of Revenue—August 2021

  • Property subject to taxation must be assessed at 100% of appraised value.
  • Revaluations are effective January 1 of year shown. Real property must be revalued every 8 years, but counties may elect to revalue more frequently.
  • Year shown for next scheduled revaluation is the year indicated based on Octennial Reappraisal Budget Reserve provided to NCDOR as of July 2021.

CountyCounty Tax Rate *Last AssessmentNext AssessmentReassessment Every _ YearsRevaluation InfoMillage Rate BreakdownNotes
Avery County0.55201820224

Avery County Revaluation

Avery County Tax Rates

2021-2022 Tax Rates
Bladen County0.82201520227Bladen County RevaluationNo Breakdown2021-2022 Tax Rates
Chowan County0.61201420228Proposed Schedule of Values - Stay Informed - Welcome to Chowan County, N.C. ( CHOWAN COUNTY TAX RATES - Welcome to Chowan County, N.C. ( Tax Rates
Guilford County0.73052017202252022 Reappraisal | Guilford County, NC ( Rates - 2022-2023 Tax Rates - rev071222.xlsx ( Tax Rates
Harnett County0.75201720224Frequently Asked Questions About 2022 Tax Reappraisal | Harnett County, North Carolina proceed on 4 year cycle moving forward (2021-2022 Tax Rates)
Hoke County0.75201420228Appraisals | Hoke County, NC - Official Website2021 TAX RATES ( Tax Rates
Jones County0.72201420228Real Property - Tax - Jones County, North Carolina ( Jones County_Tax Rates-converted.pdf - Google Drive2022-2023 Tax Rates
Mitchell County0.58201820224No InformationNo Breakdown2021-2022 Tax Rates
Onslow County0.705201820224Revaluation | Onslow County, NC ( ( Tax Rates
Pasquotank County0.77201420228Revaluation — Pasquotank County North Carolina ( Breakdown2021-2022 Tax Rates
Watauga County0.318201420228Slide 1 ( County, NC2022-2023 Tax Rates
Alamance County0.65201720236LinkLink2022-2023 Tax Rates
Alexander County0.79201520238No Informationtax_rate.pdf ( Tax Rates
Ashe County0.51201920234Microsoft Word - website(2019) ( Rates ( Tax Rates
Brunswick County0.4852019202342023 Reappraisal FAQ - Brunswick County Government ( Rates - Brunswick County ( Tax Rates
Burke County0.695201920234Revaluation ( Breakdown2021-2022 Tax Rates
Camden County0.87201520238Taxes ( Breakdown2021-2022 Tax Rates
Caswell County0.735201620237DEPARTMENTS | Caswell County | NC ( Breakdown2021-2022 Tax Rates
Catawba County0.575201920234Catawba County - Catawba County Government - Catawba County North Carolina ( ( Tax Rates
Craven County0.56201620237Tax Appraisal | Craven County ( ( Tax Rates
Duplin County0.735201720235Tax Administration | Duplin County NC : Duplin County NCBreakdown Link Not ResponsiveRevaluation was supposed to be 2022 but was pushed to 2023 (2021-2022 Tax Rates)
Gaston County0.812019202342023-Reappraisal-Facts-PDF ( ANNUAL TAX RATE CHART.xlsx ( Tax Rates
Graham County0.65201920234No InformationNo Breakdown2021-2022 Tax Rates
Henderson County0.5612019202342023 Reappraisal | Henderson County North Carolina ( COUNTY TAX RATES ( Tax Rates
Hyde County0.795201720236Hyde County - Board of E&R FAQ (Final) - 04062021.pdf ( Breakdown2021-2022 Tax Rates
Iredell County0.53752019202342019-Countywide-Reappraisal ( Rates | Iredell County, NC ( Tax Rates
Lee County0.732019202342019 Lee County Brochure w 2019 E_D amounts.pdf ( TAX RATES SPREADSHEET.pdf ( Tax Rates
Lincoln County0.619201920234 Tax Rates | County of Lincoln, NC - Official Website ( Tax Rates
Macon County0.42019202342019 Reassessment ( Breakdown2021-2022 Tax Rates
McDowell County0.5775201920234The Process | McDowell County Revaluation 2023 ( Breakdown2021-2022 Tax Rates
Mecklenburg County0.61692019202342023 Property Revaluation ( Tax Chart.xlsx ( Tax Rates
Moore County0.485201920234Tax Appraisal | County of Moore NC ( ( Tax Rates
Northampton County0.905201520238No InformationNorthampton County 2021 Tax Rates.docx ( Tax Rates
Randolph County0.6327201920236Real Property | Randolph County, NC ( Rates | Randolph County, NC ( proceed on a 6 year cycle. 2022-2023 Tax Rates
Rowan County0.6575201920234FAQs • Rowan County • CivicEngage ( ( Tax Rates
Rutherford County0.597201920234Welcome to Rutherford County, NC ( PDF.pdf ( Tax Rates
Wilkes County0.66201920234No InformationNo Breakdown2021-2022 Tax Rates
Yadkin County0.66201720236Appraisal Manual & Schedule of Values | Yadkin County, NC - Official Website ( ( Tax Rates
Cabarrus County0.74202020244Revaluation FAQs Cabarrus CountyTax Rates Cabarrus County2021-2022 Tax Rates
Carteret County0.33202020244Microsoft Word - Carteret County 2020 reval info sheet ( Tax Rate | Carteret County, NC - Official Website ( Tax Rates
Edgecombe County0.95201720247General Information ( Rates ( Tax Rates
Franklin County0.795201820246RFQ Franklin County Tax Revaluaiton 2024 ( Since 2007.xlsx ( Tax Rates
Granville County0.84201820246Field Work Begins for 2024 Tax Revaluation - Granville CountyCounty Tax Rates - Granville County2022-2023 Tax Rates
Halifax County0.76202020244Revaluation – Halifax County Tax Administration ( ( recent tax rate breakdown 2020-2021
Nash County0.67201720247,Washington%20Street%2C%20Nashville%2C%20NC.SKM_C360i21041913160 ( recent tax rate breakdown 2020-2021
Perquimans County0.61201620248Types of Property to be Taxed ( Breakdown2021-2022 Tax Rates
Pitt County0.6841202020244Reappraisal Information | Pitt County, NC ( ( Tax Rates
Richmond County0.83201620248No InformationNo Breakdown2021-2022 Tax Rates
Robeson County0.77201820246Robeson County Tax Staff DivisionsRobeson County Tax Rates |North Carolina2021-2022 Tax Rates
Rockingham County0.695201920245Rockingham County Tax Administration ( County Tax Administration ( Tax Rates
Vance County0.892016202482024-Revaluation-rev-3.pdf ( Rates & Fees - Vance County2022-2023 Tax Rates
Wake County0.6195202020244Reappraisal | Wake County Government ( ( Tax Rates
Wilson County0.73201620248Tax Department FAQs | Wilson County ( TAX RATES FOR 2000 ( Tax Rates
Yancey County0.6201620248Yancey County 2024 General Reappraisal of Real Property ( ( Tax Rates
Beaufort County0.6352018202562025 Property Tax Revaluation | Beaufort County, NC ( of Washington, NC ( Voted to proceed with a 6 year cycle after 2025 (2023-2023 Tax Rates)
Buncombe County0.488202120254Tax Reappraisal/Reval 2021 - Buncombe County | Asheville, NCcurrent-tax-rates.pdf ( Tax Rates
Chatham County0.665202120254Microsoft Word - 2021 reappraisal information brochure 2 ( ( Tax Rates
Cleveland County0.6875202120254Welcome to Cleveland County, NCRate-chart-bill-version-2020.pdf ( recent tax rate breakdown 2020-2021
Cumberland County0.799201720258Revaluation ( ( Tax Rates
Dare County0.40052020202552020 Revaluation | Dare County, NC ( Rates | Dare County, NC ( Tax Rates
Davie County0.733202120254Revaluation FAQs | Davie County, NC - Official Website ( Rates | Davie County, NC - Official Website ( Tax Rates
Durham County0.72222019202562025 General Reappraisal (Revaluation) | Durham County ( Rates | Durham County ( Tax Rates
Forsyth County0.67782021202542021 Reappraisal ( Administration, Forsyth County, North Carolina2022-2023 Tax Rates
Gates County0.79201720258No InformationNo Breakdown2021-2022 Tax Rates
Haywood County0.535202120254Property Reappraisal | Haywood County, NC ( Tax Rates.xls ( Tax Rates
Jackson County0.36202120254Reappraisal-Frequently-Asked-Questions.pdf ( ( Tax Rates
Johnston County0.73201920256Johnston County, North Carolina Tax Administration ( ( Tax Rates
Lenoir County0.845201720258Microsoft Word - 2025 Real Property Revaluation RFQ_.docx ( Breakdown2021-2022 Tax Rates
Martin County0.81201720258Martin County, NC ( Breakdown2021-2022 Tax Rates
New Hanover County0.4552021202542021 Revaluation - Tax Department - Tax Department - North Carolina ( Tax Rates - Tax Department - Tax Department - North Carolina ( Tax Rates
Orange County0.8312202120254Revaluation & Resources | Orange County, NC ( ( Tax Rates
Person County0.72202120254Reappraisal | Person County, NC ( Bills | Person County, NC ( Tax Rates
Polk County0.5143202120254Polk County Revaluation ( RATE BREAKDOWN WORKSHEET 2022-2023.xls ( Tax Rates
Stanly County0.61202120254Stanly County 2021 Revaluation FAQ.pdf ( ( Tax Rates
Stokes County0.66202120254Real Property ( Rate History ( recent tax rate breakdown 2020-2021
Surry County0.552202120254Welcome to Surry County, North CarolinaYearly Tax Rates with Townships and Districts.pdf ( Tax Rates
Transylvania County0.6033202120254Transylvania County Tax Administration 2021 Tax Reappraisal Information | Transylvania CountyTax Administration | Transylvania County2021-2022 Tax Rates
Tyrrell County0.95201720258revalrelease.doc ( Breakdown2021-2022 Tax Rates
Union County0.5882021202542021 Revaluation | Union County, NC ( ( Tax Rates
Warren County0.81201720258Important Tax Dates | Warren County, NC ( Breakdown2021-2022 Tax Rates
Anson County0.777201820268Octennial Reappraisal | Anson County, NCTax Rates | Anson County, NC2021-2022 Tax Rates
Clay County0.43201820268No InformationNo Breakdown2021-2022 Tax Rates
Alleghany County0.597202120276Tax Office FAQs - Official Website for Alleghany County, North Carolina ( Office - Official Website for Alleghany County, North Carolina ( Tax Rates
Davidson County0.542021202762021  davidson county REVALUATION | Davidson County, NC2022-TAX-RATES ( Tax Rates
Hertford County0.84201920278No InformationNo Breakdown2021-2022 Tax Rates
Pender County0.645201920278Revaluation | Tax Assessing ( ( Tax Rates
Sampson County0.825201920278Revaluation ( Tax Rate 2022 (June).pdf ( Tax Rates
Scotland County1201920278Revaluation | Scotland County, NCNo Breakdown2021-2022 Tax Rates
Wayne County0.7425201920278FAQs • Wayne County, NC • CivicEngage ( Rates | Wayne County, NC ( Tax Rates
Bertie County0.865202020288No Informationwww.bertiecountytax.com2021-2022 Tax Rates
Cherokee County0.52020202882020 Revaluation | Cherokee County, NC ( Tax Rates | Cherokee County, NC ( Tax Rates
Madison County0.5202020288No InformationTax Rates - Madison County, North Carolina ( Tax Rates
Montgomery County0.615202020288Tax Department - Montgomery County ( Rates - Montgomery County ( Tax Rates
Pamlico County0.625202020288About The Tax Office - Pamlico County, North CarolinaTax Rates - Pamlico County, North Carolina2022-2023 Tax Rates
Caldwell County0.632021202982013 Revaluation(Q and A) ( ( Tax Rates
Columbus County0.805202120298No Informationcountyrates2021.xls ( Tax Rates
Currituck County0.46202120298Property revaluation is underway – Currituck County ( Property Tax Rates – Currituck County2022-2023 Tax Rates
Greene County0.786202120298Tax – Greene County, North Carolina ( Tax Rates – Greene County, North Carolina ( Tax Rates
Swain County0.36202120298No InformationNo Breakdown2021-2022 Tax Rates
Washington County0.85202120298No InformationNo Breakdown2021-2022 Tax Rates

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