160 MH Sites in Billings, MT | 99% Occupied with Public Direct-Billed Utilities

Access Offering Material: Village Estates at Billings

Capstone Manufactured Housing is pleased to present Village Estates at Billings. This 160-site offering presents a unique opportunity to acquire a truly passive investment in the rapidly expanding market of Billings MT, which was recently ranked #1 on Wall Street Journal’s Housing Market Index.

Located within village subdivision, all 160 lots have their own legal description, public direct-billed utilities and city-owned/maintained infrastructure, closer resembling the operations of a residential subdivision than that of a traditional MHP. Although the community runs like a traditional subdivision, there is no active Homeowners Association in place that would limit or impede on any operational control of an investor. This offering presents a one-of-a-kind investment opportunity, in one of the fastest growing markets in the county, with minimal oversight and an abundance of operational efficiencies.

Investment Highlights

Billings Recently Ranked #1 on Wall Street Journal’s Housing Market Index

99% Occupied

All Resident-Owned Homes

Direct-Billed City Utilities

City-Owned and Maintained Infrastructure

Advantageous Property Tax